Tea tours

What is tea tour?

Tea tour is an opportunity to see Georgia through prism of georgian tea culture, Dive into lifestyle of tea farmer, enjoy local hospitality, Discover nearby nature and historical sights. You will be accompanied by professional tea guide/tea master. Tea tours are organised by us and all farmers you will visit are members of Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association.
For booking or any questions contact us on facebook or by e-mail hi@teageorgia.com.

What's included

  • Visiting and living in tea estates of various regions of georgia
  • Making your own tea: pluck it, make it and take it with you
  • Degustation of Georgian teas, Georgian tea ceremony
  • Tea master classes
  • Enjoying traditional feast with local cuisine, wine and tea
  • visiting nearby famous, historical and hidden gems

What the farmers and the local community gain out of it?

  • Share their stories and hear your stories (though there might be some communication issues due to language barrier ;) but we’ll be there to translate!
  • Earn a decent wage while providing their famous Georgian hospitality.
  • Promotion of local product and culture
  • Meeting you — people from all over the world (don't worry about the language barrier, we are always there to help)

Check pictures from the last tea tour


For booking and any questions contact us on facebook or by e-mail hi@teageorgia.com