Tea School

What is a tea school?

Tea school is a place where you can learn evetything about tea. Our courses will reveal the secrets of this ancient drink and plant. We offer courses both for those who are interested in the art of tea brewing, and for those who plan to grow and produce tea.
We conduct individual and group classes, the time and date of classes are negotiated individually. The duration of training depends on your requirements and the subjects you are interested in.

What you can learn:

  • World history of tea: learn about its culture and significance in various countries of the world, the tea ceremony.
  • Tea sommelier: tasting tea, brewing and pairing with various herbs and foods.
  • World tea: Try and find out the difference between teas from all over the world, their characteristics and quality.
  • Tea technology: learn about different types of tea, plants, varieties and technologies.
  • Tea farming: learn about a tea factory, How to make and manage a plantation and production line.
  • Tea marketing: How to properly promote, store/package and sell tea, tea and tourism
  • Tea therapy: tea as a medicine for your physical and mental condition.
  • Tea and science: biochemistry and other hidden secrets of tea and the tea plant.

What else does the school offer?

  • Successful students of our tea school have the opportunity to go to China. On the campus of the tea University, they learn tea skills, and also travel to the tea regions of China. The trip is funded and organized by our tea school with the support of the Chinese government.
  • Compete at Tea masters cup in tasting, brewing, Mixology, and serving tea. The winners represent Georgia and Georgian tea at the international Tea masters cup, which is held every year in different countries
  • We are always happy to welcome graduates to our team

Our mentors:

Shota Bitadze

Founder and president of Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association and Tea School 💪

  • Tea technology, production and standards
  • Tea agro-technical works
  • Tea therapy and tea Ceremony
  • Tea History

Tengiz Jaliashvili

PhD in biochemistry, scientist of Georgian Technical University 👨‍🔬

  • Tea and biochemistry
  • Organic farming

Giorgi Bitadze

Official judge of TMC in Georgia, Tea master.

  • Tea brewing, serving & tasting
  • Tea mixology
  • Tea tourism

Picures of the Tea School