Georgian tea: what is it?

What is a Georgian tea?

TL;DR Georgian tea is unique, organic, high quality but almost unknown in the world.

Georgian nature is awesome. In 1847 people realized that it's even suitable for growing tea. Since that days Georgian tea passed through long way of ups and downs. It used take highest awards in world tea competitions in XIX, in XX is was giant industry with thousands of employees, which produced mass-market tea for the whole USSR, and in 90th it almost disappeared. Today it's is reviving and we see it's future not as mass product, but as organic high quality farmers product. So...

Why Georgian tea?


Organic, bio, eco — whatever.
No pests, rich soil, bright sun and wonderful climate allow to avoid using of any kind of chemicals.


Georgian tea is a descendant of the Chinese bush (Tea Senesis). Over time, it acquired its own specificity, now it is difficult to compare it with other teas. After the collapse of the tea industry in the 90s, a lot of wild tea appeared in Georgia, which is highly valued in the world.


Georgian tea is naturally sweet, honeyed, it is almost impossible to make it bitter.

Cool, huh? We are union of farmers who produce this wonderful tea and we work to open it's potential on 100%.

Why our tea?

  • Directly from farmer. We are members of Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association
    which united under one brand — Georgian Tea 1847. Means you buy tea directly from the plantations.
  • High standards & quality control. We have vast experience producing teas with modern technologies and strict standarts. We always improve to assure you in product stability and surprise with something new. See our teas
  • Support national product. We're not just selling tea, but care about reviving national industry. Buying our tea you're contribing plantations recovery, building of factories and creating jobs for rural people. More about us.