Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association

Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association (GOTPA) is union of farmers who specialise on producing high quality, orthodox teas. It was founded in 2011 by Shota Bitadze and few local farmers. Thus laid the foundation of farmer's tea development in Georgia. Today GOTPA is large community of farmers from all around the country who work and grow together.

The mission

Make georgian tea competitive on global market as high quality organic product.


Together we:

  • Rehabilitate and create organic tea plantations in Georgia
  • Establishes national tea technologies, enterprise regulations and tea standards
  • Creates workplaces and monitors the working conditions
  • Monitors product quality
  • Creates and imports new tea cultivars
  • Shares experience with each other and public
  • Builds relationships with world tea community
  • Provides Trainings and seminars on international level


Associtaion consists of 25 tea cooperatives/farms/family factories from all over the Georgia. Meet the most active participants (the others will be added soon too):

Shota Bitadze: Tbilisi Tea House & Museum

Founder and president of association, our main ideologist and guiding force

  • Chief technologist, creates standards
  • Makes sure everything works smoothly
  • Controls the quality
  • Builds international relations

Dato Tenieshvili: Bakhvi Tea Estate

📍Guria, Bakhvi
Regional head of the Association in Ozurgeti and Chokhatauri districts. One of the founders of the Association and one of the best tea technologists in Georgia.

  • Tea technologist
  • Revives tea in Guria
  • Makes black, green & herbal teas with orthodox technology
  • Creates new cultivars & adapts imported
  • Develops tea tourism

Tornike Sheyiladze: Gezruli tea estate

📍Imereti, Gezruli
Young enthiastic tea farmer. He's already head of the Association in the Imereti region, Chiatura district. Under the auspices of the association Tornike went through trainings in China in 2018-2019

  • Wild white & black tea
  • Orthodox white & black tea
  • Herbal tea
  • Tea Tourism

Grigol & Elguja Bitsadze: Anditri

📍Imereti, Terjola
True brothers in arms, regional heads of the Association in Terjola district of Imereti region. Under the auspices of the Association, they went through training in China in 2018.

  • Discover, protect and take care of wild tea
  • Make wild white & black teas

Giorgi Maisuradze: Shemoqmedi tea estate

📍Ozurgeti, Shemoqmedi
Giorgi leads well known in soviet time tea brend "Shemoqmedi", in short, he revived it's glory. Under the auspices of the Association he went through traninigs in China and Taiwan in 2018-2019

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Herbal tea
  • Tea snacks

Malkhaz Liparteliani: Guria tea

📍 Guria
Malkhaz is our on of the oldest members, since association started in Guria, he was one of the first members and cooperates with us ever since.

  • Orthodox green & black tea

Mevlud Keshelava: Megrelian tea

📍Samegrelo, Martvili
After finishing general tea course in our tea school, he became main tea technologist in "Megrelian tea". Now he and his team together with Association leads tea reviving in Samegrelo region.

  • Orthodox black tea
  • Adaptation of foreign cultivars
  • Reviving tea in Samegrelo

Lika Megreladze: Komli

📍Guria, Ozurgeti
Lika is the first tea enthusiast to start tea tourism in Georgia. Today, her small tea garden is an example of the development of tea tourism in the region and in the whole country.

  • Tea tourism