About us

Who we are

We are not corporation but union of people: farmers, technologists, entrepreneurs and tea enthusiasts.
We are united by the idea to make tea in collaboration with nature and with each other.
We create new Georgian tea culture.

What we do

Grow & make tea

Instead of working against nature, we work with it. 0% wastes, 0% harm, 100% harmony. We combine traditions, modern technology and personal expirienct to make tea that makes us proud.

Sell tea & create community

We are advocates of conscious & ethical production and consumption. We want to teach you what is a good product and why you should care about it. For wholesale contact us, for retail 👇

Tea tours

Pss-t, want some eco tourism? Wanna see real Georgia through the prism of Georgian tea culture? Walk in picturesque places, pick & make tea, have real Georgian feast, tons of fun and unforgetable memories.

Teach & Study

We always study to improve our product. We combine foreign experience and local practices. Allways ready to share experience, our tea school is open for everybody. Each year we and our students go to China for tea trainings and seminars.

Promote national product

Nowadays Georgian tea is not well known to the world, but we want everybody to know how good it is. We travel the world and present Georgian tea in competitions, festivals and forums, organize tea festivals and Tea Masters Cup in Georgia.

Develop standards

Each tea producing country has its own standards, but not Georgia. To unite farmers and ensure you in quality and stability of tea, we establish our own standards and technologies. This beautiful Georgian woman which is picking tea is our symbol of quality.



Tea farmers of Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association is core of our team.

Shota Bitadze

shota@teageorgia.com | facebook
"Leave my info serious". Ok. Founder, our main ideologist and guiding force. Tea enthusiast since 2000,

  • Monitoring and quality control
  • Strategic planning
  • International relationships
  • Education & technology

Giorgi Bitadze

giorgi@teageorgia.com | facebook
It was China who introduced me and made me to love tea. After a decade of journey and research, I discovered that Georgian tea has huge potential due to its uniqueness. I see future of Georgian tea as high quality, organic product produced by local farmers and I know it's my destiny to be a main supporting pillar in reviving of tea industry in Georgia
In the team I:

  • Make tea blends
  • Work in our shop & museum as tea master
  • Arrange tea tours
  • Do marketing & design

Tengiz Jaliashvili

"Write something about me by yourself". Ok. PhD in biochemistry, main scientist of Georgian Technical University, organic agriculture enthusiast, very energetic person for his age.
In the team I:

  • Improve technologies
  • help to understand and develop organic agriculture
  • Play role of crazy scientist

Anna Vartanova

anna@teageorgia.com | facebook | telegram
Once I just listened to my heart and binded my life with tea. I successfully passed tea school and even became judge of Tea Masters Cup Georgia. I am inspired by everything related to tea. Tea gives me a sense of inner harmony and calm.
In the team I:

  • Do PR & social media management
  • Responsible for distribution
  • Generate good vibes

Our brief history


Shota Bitadze – main ideologist and founder – starts research about tea in Georgia

2006 - 2008

Early stages of plantation rehabilitation and teaching farmers orthodox tea technologies by Shota Bitadze, Guria Region


Shota Bitadze starts his journey to China and becomes first Georgian attending international tea seminars and training courses on pollution free tea manufacturing, Zhangzhou college of science and technology, Fujian province


We made the first black tea using Orthodox technology and sold it abroad.


We founded Georgian Organic Tea Producers Association. First members were few farmers from Guria Region, led by Shota bitadze and Dato Tenieshvili from Bakhvi tea estate.


Created first standard of orthodox black and green teas


Shota and Giorgi Bitadze successfully presented Georgian tea to International tea community at Zhangzhou Univerity of Science and Technology


Created unique tea cultivar “Georgian Purple” with high anthocyanin content


Started producing of wild herbal teas and establishing their unique technologies. (quince and blueberry)


Opening of Georgian Tea Museum and Tea School by Shota Bitadze in Tbilisi


We started to make unique wild tea and wild tea gardens. Concept of “Wild Tea” and its establishing rules are developed by our Association.


Association expands with Imereti region farmers. Started Rehabilitation of Imereti Tea plantations and creation of Tea Estates.


We made first Georgian wild white tea!


Tea Masters Cup Georgia 2016: students of our tea school win and go for international Tea Masters Cup


Tea Masters Cup International 2016, Seoul, South Korea. Our wild tea gets highest scores in 3 nominations, and our brand new “brewing method in decanter with controllable extraction” was highly estimated and acknoledged by international jury


Georgian tea 170 years anniversary festival was organised by us with support of the government


First time in History we sold Georgian tea to China


In China we participated seminar of development and management of tea industry for Georgia as official representatives


Europe here we come! We become active member of Non-Profit Association “Tea Grown in Europe”


We organized Georgian Tea Festival with Guria state government support


Our first tea tours


Attended “Tea Grown in Europe” General Assambley meeting


Samegrelo region joins our tea revival band


In China Fujian and Yunnan provinces we went through training for pu’er & oolong teas and tea seed oil technologies


Created “Georgian Tea Since 1847”, our mutual brand and symbol of quality