What is special about our tea?

Directly from farmer 👨‍🌾

We are union of farmers, not corporation.
Tea goes from bush to factory and then to you.

100% natural 🌱

No chemicals, thanks to Georgian nature.
Only hand picking and modern technologies.
We make time-tested classic tea, but sometimes we experiment.

Supporting national product 🙏

We're not just selling tea, but care about reviving national industry. Buying our tea you contribute to the restoration of plantations, building of factories and creating jobs for rural people.


Our tea

Directly from Georgian farmers, made in harmony with nature. We ship worldwide.

Georgian tea?

Why it's special and why you should know about it

Tea tours

Visit tea farms, immerse yourself in the life of a local tea farmer, pick and make tea with your own hands, see picturesque views and lot more!

We teach how to make tea

We have own tea school where we teach everything about tea from growing to brewing

We write

Nothing here yet, but soon will be 😌